Panayır Textile, founded in 1994, has created Luoca Patisca by adding each of its memories and efforts to its experience.

In this path aiming to become one of the pioneer companies in Turkey in home textile sector, Luoca Patisca comes into your life through many sales points with its product range which bring design with products that prioritize human health and environment by selecting the highest quality yarn and using environment friendly materials.

Luoca Patisca conveys cotton, one of the purest beauties given to us by nature, in its most natural form; thus, helps a more comfortable and peaceful sleep, the most important need of our bodies, possible.

Luoca Patisca brings out such duvet cover sets that will be the symbol of aesthetic view in your living spaces with the most special patterns designed using magnificent colors in its wide product range composed of parent, teen and baby models.

Fluffy products that are in harmony with your visual pleasure in Luoca Patisca collections will be essential for a comfortable and peaceful sleep.